We want to take you further and further away: straight to your dreams, uniting cultures and people

We are LATAM, the airline with the largest network in the continent to take you further each day.

A story that makes us proud and motivated to continue evolving

Our fleet of 316 aircraft does, on average, 1,282 flights every day. Per year, there are 67.8 million people traveling to 135 destinations in 24 countries, with daily connections in America, Europe, Oceania and, soon also, in Africa.

Within Latin America, 10 countries are connected by the passion of flying: Chile, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay and Bolivia, always connecting people and their dreams.

Our identity

Since 1929, when LAN was founded, we have had 8 different logos. TAM, created in 1961, had 5. Stars, wings and planes were part of the brand aesthetic , which has been reivented along the years. Therefore, our new identity brings a synthesis of this legacy and represents the evolution of our history, in a clear, functional, elegant, friendly and warm fashion.

Inside the creation of our brand

The geography of Latin America inspired the shape of the logo. Its lines embrace our continent. Colors also have special meaning. Indigo is the result of the union of LAN's blue and TAM's red is a symbol of elegance and efficiency. The coral translates our Latin and passionate spirit. Together, indigo and Coral define our new LATAM form.

See the testimonies of the team that created the elements of our brand.

Inside the evolution of LATAM

Join the backstage and learn all about our transformation details.

Our first steps

  • LATAM is born

    From May 5th, our LATAM brand has started to be seen in airplane paintings, social platforms, advertising and communication and also in some airports and services.

  • Our airplanes have received the new colors and identity gradually over time

    On May 5th, LATAM's first commercial flights took off, with our new image onboard.

  • We are constantly evolving our brand identity over the next years

    The new identity can be found at LATAM boarding passes, screen information, VIP lounges, check-in counters of 13 airports: Bogota, Brasilia, Buenos Aires / Ezeiza, Guayaquil, Lima, Madrid, Miami, New York / John F. Kennedy, Quito, Rio de Janeiro / Galeao, Santiago, São Paulo / Congonhas and Sao Paulo / Guarulhos.

  • LATAM VIP Room

    4 VIP rooms already be display our new LATAM identity at Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogota and Sao Paulo cities.

  • New site LATAM.com

    The new website LATAM.com, with a simpler and more dynamic interface for you to browse at your leasure.

  • Vamos/LATAM

    We introduce you to Vamos/LATAM. There you can find the best information about Latin America and the world, in many formats and channels that will follow you before, during and after your flights. Discover our content and enjoy this plataform that will inspire your dreams to your next trips on latam.com/vamos.

  • New APP available for download

    The application can book tickets, check-in, rebook and check flight status in real time, receive alerts and access your trip information. Available in spanish, portuguese and english.

  • Frequent Flyer Program LATAM

    The programs name were changed to LATAM Pass and LATAM Fidelidade and both programs and their categories were unified in LATAM Pass and Fidelidade.

  • New Sub Brands

    LATAM Travel: is the brand that in some years, will replace TAM Viagens in Brazil and LANTOURS in other countries, except Argentina.

    LATAM Cargo: is the brand that replaces LAN CARGO, CARGO TAM, LAN CARGO Colombia and MASAir, forming the largest group of freight transportation in Latin America.

  • LATAM Entertainment

    From now on, you can try our new entertainment system on board at your own mobile devices. Download the app LATAM Entertainment to enjoy movies, series, children´s content and much more on your flights.

  • New Uniforms

    The new LATAM uniform was designed by Brazilian designer Pedro Lourenço, alongside with employees from different areas.
    It will be used by more than 23.000 employees and represents LATAM's essence the diversity and beauty of our region: Latin America.

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Questions and information

We took off and we know that, from now on, many changes will happen. We want you to join us and understand the whole evolution of LATAM.

Find here frequently asked questions about this journey.

The new brand is called LATAM Airlines.

Starting May 5, 2016, the day when we will begin to see the initial changes, but it is important to highlight that the process will be gradual. We are still working on changing our corporate image, which will be seen in all of our physical spaces, aircraft, sales offices, websites, uniforms, etc. in approximately three years.

Together we are stronger. The association originated a unique airline group in the sector, present in seven markets in Latin America, and the Group's companies are leaders in most of these countries.

The single brand will help us consolidate our position as the most important airline group in the region for the world, combining two identities and creating one that is stronger, with a purely Latin American essence.

The decision to create a new brand is a milestone for the aviation sector, since we are the first airline group to do so. In our case, we were counting on two very strong brands in the region, with a common vision and history, so it would be better to bring them together and create an even stronger brand, incorporating as starting point the most valued attributes and advantages of each brand, as well as their history of 87 and 40 years of operation, respectively.

The brands LAN and TAM, as well as their related companies, will adopt the single brand LATAM, but their corporate names will be maintained. At the same time, note that this process will be gradual and is a natural evolution that started four years ago with the association, and has been gradually implemented in the markets where we operate.

As a company, with a single brand we will generate more efficiency in the medium and long term; otherwise, we would continue to invest in two brands around the world. For passengers, it's confusing to understand that the companies of the Group offer the same service.

In addition, we had to consolidate a single culture internally that our employees could relate to, with consistency between both companies, regardless of the origin.

The new LATAM logo was inspired by the identity and legacy of the region and incorporates the best of LAN and TAM. That's why the LATAM indigo and the LATAM coral were chosen as the main colors. The first represents the best of two worlds, as it's in the middle of red and blue, the corporate colors of TAM and LAN, and the second symbolizes energy and passion, which are essential characteristics of the new brand. These two colors are accompanied by other secondary colors that give life to the diversity that Latin America stands for. Without doubt, it is a more modern, timeless image that conveys receptivity and, at the same time, efficiency, the main attributes of the new brand.

LATAM combines the best of LAN and TAM to deliver an increasingly distinctive travel experience to our clients. In line with the launch of a single brand, we already have a number of standardized services:


• Destination network:

- Access to an unparalleled network of 140 destinations in Latin America, contributing to the region's connectivity and development./p>

- LATAM continues to optimize and expand its destination network with six new routes in 2016, including Lima-Washington D.C. and São Paulo-Johannesburg.


• The most modern and efficient fleet in the region: Airbus A350, A321, Boeing 787.


• Investment in digital tools that allow us to offer a personalized travel experience where passengers manage their time.


• Single entertainment and content platform: VAMOS

- VAMOS/ LATAM is a content platform that follows the client with the purpose of delivering useful information, entertainment and inspiration to choose their destinations, on and off board.


• Website and app (May 5th):

- New LATAM website available in 6 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German).

- The app allows Check-in, changes in reservations, review and alerts about flight status (changes in departure time, boarding gate, etc.). Available in 3 languages.


• New sub-brands:

- LATAM CARGO: This is the brand to be adopted by LAN CARGO, TAM CARGO, LAN CARGO Colombia and MASAir, forming the largest cargo group in Latin America. The process will be gradual.

- LATAM Travel: This brand will be adopted in the coming years by LANTOURS and TAM Viagens. The process will be gradual.


• Cabins inside the aircraft: LATAM already has a unique design in its cabins, both Economy and Premium Business.


• A single airline alliance: oneworld is LATAM's alliance.


• LATAM VIP Lounges: 4 VIP lounges opened in the cities of Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogotá and São Paulo.


• LATAM Frequent Flyer Program: both the programs and the program categories were unified into LATAM Pass and LATAM Fidelidade.


• Digital apps:

- LATAM APP (all useful information for passengers).

- LATAM Entertainment (inflight entertainment on the passenger's device).


• Unique wine list.

From an industrial viewpoint, the process of changing uniforms usually takes 3 years. Our company undertook the challenge of implementing it in 18 months, therefore we expect that by the end of 2016 approximately 23,000 employees will be wearing the new LATAM uniform.

Starting from May, our digital points of contact will be LATAM, as well as the website, apps and profiles on social networks. The new website LATAM.com will be available in 6 languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French and German). The new app will be available in 3 languages and will enable Check-in, changes in reservations, review and alerts about flight status (changes in departure time, boarding gate, etc.).

On May 5th, there were three commercial flights with the new LATAM image. The routes were:

- São Paulo-Santiago (a Boeing 767 took off from São Paulo at 9:05 a.m. local time).

- Santiago-Lima (an Airbus A319 took off from Santiago at 9:05 a.m. local time).

- São Paulo -Brasília (an Airbus A319 took off from São Paulo at 2:20 p.m. local time).

We will paint the entire current fleet gradually, during routine maintenance activities scheduled for the aircraft. By the end of 2016, we expect to have more than 50 aircraft with the new image. Our expectation is to complete changing the entire fleet (323 aircraft) in 3 years.

We will paint them during the preventive maintenance activities that are already carried out in the entire fleet, making the process more efficient. The process of painting the more than 300 aircraft will take 3 years, and we expect to reach the end of 2016 with more than 50 LATAM aircraft.

LATAM is already receiving new aircraft in accordance with its goal. In 2016, some more Airbus 350, Boeing 787 and the new aircraft in the Airbus 320 family will arrive to join the fleet. All of them will arrive with the LATAM image and interior.

With LATAM, a new entertainment platform was created, called “VAMOS/LATAM”, which involves a change the magazine, programs on individual and collective screens, LATAM Entertainment APP (former LAN/TAM Entertainment). The goal is to have a single language with our clients, inside and outside our aircraft.

Yes, Black Signature (former Fidelidade Black and LANPASS Black), Black (former Red Plus and Comodoro) and Platinum (former Fidelidade Red and Premium Silver) clients are already starting to receive their new cards. Clients in the Gold (former Fidelidade Blue and LANPASS Premium) and LATAM (former Fidelidade Branco and LANPASS) categories remain only with the digital version of the card.

The frequent flyer programs are currently going through a restructuring and harmonization process. At this time, tickets using points or kilometers are issued by the channels of each company, meaning that clients should contact LATAM Pass channels to use kilometers and LATAM Fidelidade channels to use points.

From May 5th, passengers can see 13 airports with the new LATAM identity: Bogotá, Brasília, Buenos Aires/Ezeiza, Guayaquil, Lima, Madrid, Miami, New York/John F. Kennedy, Quito, Rio de Janeiro/Galeão, Santiago, São Paulo/Congonhas and São Paulo/Guarulhos. These airports also have LATAM's automatic Boarding Pass and Bag Tag. The process of change in all airports where the company operates will be gradual and is expected to end in approximately 3 years.

The items included in this change are: signage, corporate identity of the Stores/Check-in, boarding passes, baggage tags, check-in/boarding/baggage conveyor displays and VIP Lounges (when applicable).

Starting from May, LATAM Airlines, in Brazil, will be the official sponsor of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games and also the official sponsor of the Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay.