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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is perhaps Brazil’s most famous city, and beyond its star attractions, there is still plenty to do to match any traveler’s taste. Travel to Rio de Janeiro will be even more enjoyable with the custom entertainment and service aboard one of LATAM’s flights.

Visit Rio de Janeiro

To see the Cristo Redentor landmark, you need to take a train up Corcovado. Try to go during off hours when it’s not as crowded. Rio also has several beaches and some of the best and cleanest can be found in Barra and Recreio. Of course, it would be remiss to mention Rio without talking about the Carnival, where local samba schools and Blocos de Rua parade in streets all over town during a world-famous two-week party.

Tips to Enjoy Rio de Janeiro

Rio’s beaches and Carnival may be the big tourist attractions, but there are still many indoor activities to try here. Along with samba clubs and raves at night, there are also museums, such as the Museu Histórico Nacional for history dating back to colonial times, or the Museu Nacional de Belas Artes for Academist and Neoclassical Brazilian paintings. LATAM is a frontrunner in service and innovation across the entire region, so book your flights with LATAM to soak in all that Rio has to offer.

Weather in Rio de Janeiro

25 °CWednesday06/19/19
26 °CThursday06/20/19
23 °CFriday06/21/19
25 °CSaturday06/22/19
26 °CSunday06/23/19
27 °CMonday06/24/19
27 °CTuesday06/25/19