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Some flights could be operated by: LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina or American Airlines.

Peru is one of the most interesting countries in South America not only because of its historical landmarks, but also because of its versatile habitats, ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region, to the peaks of the Andes mountains, to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest. Previous cultures influenced the Incas with their crafts, such as elaborate pottery, textiles, and jewelry, which led them to create architectural achievements such as the Machu Picchu.

Let LATAM Airlines fly you within Peru and take you to the bustling metropolis of Lima, one of South America’s largest cities and capital of Peru; or to Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire; or to any of the three volcanoes surrounding Arequipa, a city built on a volcanic stone.

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