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Traveling to Salvador

Salvador is one of Brazil's major cultural hubs, particularly due to its strong Afro-Brazilian population, and has its own vibe from the rest of the country. You can enjoy exclusive entertainment on all LATAM flights to Salvador with the LATAM Entertainment app.

Salvador attractions

The central attraction of Salvador is the Pelourinho, Salvador's historic center, which has buildings from its time as the first capital of Portuguese America. Some things to see in the center are the Cathedral of Salvador and Lacerda Elevator, which consists of four elevators traveling 72m in 30 seconds. Northeast Salvador also has the city's beaches with the best water quality, but they can get very crowded, especially on weekends.

Salvador travel advice

While the city has several museums and cultural centers, some of the best ways to get the true essence of Salvador is through its food. Great Afro-Brazilian cuisine can be found at the Terreiro de Jesus. One street-food favorite is acarajé, small fritters made from black-eyed peas and onions fried in palm oil. There are also frequent drum performances and capoeira circles in city squares. If you're looking for savings and service for your flights, book flights to Salvador with LATAM.

Weather in Salvador

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18 °CSaturday20/07/19
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