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Bogota (BOG)
To Medellin (MDE)
10/12/20 - 10/16/20
$116Viewed: 20 hours
Bogota (BOG)
To Barranquilla (BAQ)
11/06/20 - 11/17/20
$122Viewed: 14 hours
Bogota (BOG)
To Bucaramanga (BGA)
12/21/20 - 01/09/21
$127Viewed: 15 hours
Bucaramanga (BGA)
To Bogota (BOG)
10/05/20 - 10/12/20
$127Viewed: 7 hours
Bogota (BOG)
To Cartagena (CTG)
10/16/20 - 10/20/20
$129Viewed: 20 hours
Cartagena (CTG)
To San Andres Island (ADZ)
01/08/21 - 01/11/21
$136Viewed: 18 hours
Bogota (BOG)
To Santa Marta (SMR)
12/10/20 - 12/17/20
$142Viewed: 7 hours
Bogota (BOG)
To Cali (CLO)
10/02/20 - 11/09/20
$142Viewed: 17 hours
Cali (CLO)
To Cartagena (CTG)
12/03/20 - 12/05/20
$142Viewed: 4 hours

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Some flights could be operated by: LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina or American Airlines.

The diverse country of Colombia has encompasses the Amazon rainforest, tropical grassland and the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Because of its key location at the intersection of South America and the rest of the continent, it has been influenced by a great number of cultures. One of the most noteworthy Colombian traditions is their vibrant carnivals, featuring elaborate parades, beauty contests, and lively performances, as well as showcasing traditional Colombian clothing, music, dance and food.

Fly within Colombia with LATAM Airlines and enjoy the most colorful carnival in the world in Barranquilla, visit colonial-era landmarks like the neoclassical performance hall Teatro Colón, and go snorkeling and scuba diving at the beautiful beaches of Cartagena.

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