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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Bauru

LATAM provides you with some of the latest innovations in service both on the ground and in the air. Enjoy sustainable aircraft, on-demand entertainment, and spacious cabins to improve your flight experience.

Departing from Moussa Nakhl Tobias Airport

Flights out of Bauru operate out of the Moussa Nakhl Tobias Airport, (JTC) also known as Bauru-Arealva Airport, located in the nearby city of Arealva. At the airport, there is a small restaurant/cafe as well as car rental and transport services.

Getting to Bauru–Arealva Airport

Located 18 km from downtown Bauru, the airport is easy to reach by using the available taxis and bus routes. Airport taxis charge a fixed rate to get you to the airport, but you can take a city bus from the bus terminal in Bauru for less. Book your flights from Bauru with LATAM and enjoy superior service along with great rates.