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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Goiania

With caring staff and an on-demand entertainment app, LATAM flights are the perfect choice for your flights from Goiânia. Thanks to the extensive network of flights, you can also enjoy these luxuries across Latin America.

Traveling from Santa Genoveva Airport

Santa Genoveva Airport (GYN) gets a lot of traffic despite its modest size, so anticipate crowds. Money exchange, a pharmacy, and a post office are available, along with several shops. Restaurants, fast food, and snacks round out your dining options.             

Transport to Goiana Airport

Santa Genoveva is 8 km from downtown. If you do not have car access, you can get a bus from the central bus terminal. There are no shuttles or airport buses, so a taxi will be your other option. Goiânia's bus system is solid enough that it can get you to the airport in a timely fashion. Book with LATAM today for hospitable service when you travel from Goiânia.