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Travelling from Ilhéus

Fly from Ilheus with LATAM and you will find friendly, helpful staff to meet all your needs during your flight. If you are seeking the best in in-flight entertainment, LATAM has you covered as well with their LAN-TAM entertainment app.

Departing from Bahia-Jorge Amado Airport

Bahia-Jorge Amado Airport (IOS) is a modest airport 3 km from downtown. ATMs and tourist offices are on hand. There are also some small cafes and shops to eat and purchase crafts while you wait for your flight.

Getting to Bahia-Jorge Amado Airport

Because the airport is close to town, taking a taxi will be relatively inexpensive and quick. Depending on where you are staying, it may be easier than taking a bus. The Ilhéus bus terminal is 3 Wi-Fi west of downtown, while the airport is to the south. Book tickets from Ilhéus with LATAM and enjoy extra perks such as the frequent flyer program and low rates.