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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Jauja

LATAM flies out of Jauja’s Francisco Carle Airport (JAU). This high-altitude airport serves Jauja and the nearby cities of Huancayo and Tarma. LATAM’s domestic and international flights connect Jauja with destinations throughout Peru, Latin America, and the world.

Flying out of Jauja

Francisco Carle Airport is extremely close to Jauja city center, about 2 km (1.25 miles) away. If you’re traveling with a small carry-on or a backpack, consider taking a moto taxi to the airport. Otherwise, a shared or private taxi will get you there in about 5-10 minutes. If you’d like to stretch your legs before your flight, you can walk from the city center to the airport in about 30 minutes.

Francisco Carle Airport services

Kiosks of bread, coffee, and cheese are located just outside Francisco Carle Airport for a quick bite to fill you up before departure. Book your flight from Jauja with LATAM today and spend your flight enjoying the movie or TV show of your choice.