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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Londrina

Use LATAM for all your flights in Latin America to take advantage of its well-connected network that can get you to top destinations all over the region, with in-flight entertainment aboard sustainable aircraft. Those who travel often are also sure to appreciate LATAM's frequent flyer program.

Traveling from Gov. José Richa Airport

Gov. José Richa Airport (LDB) has several dining options for people waiting for their flights, from sit-down restaurants to coffee bars. You can also browse shops for last-minute gifts and souvenirs. ATMs and a pharmacy are also available at the airport.

Getting to Gov. José Richa Airport

Londrina Airport is close to downtown, only 2 km away. However, the bus service can get very crowded during peak hours due to the city's high student population, so you may want to get one of the many taxi services to the airport instead. Book with LATAM today and enjoy attentive service at affordable rates on flights from Londrina.