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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Porto Seguro

The LATAM app provides you on-demand, exclusive entertainment on any LATAM flight. Combined with its helpful service, your flight will feel like a vacation in itself. LATAM's great rates and frequent flyer program help you get added value on all your flights from Porto Seguro. 

Passing through Porto Seguro Airport

Porto Seguro Airport (BPS) is a modest airport located 2 km from downtown Porto Seguro. The airport has some basic dining options for travelers who want a snack before getting on their flight.

Departing Porto Seguro Airport

Even though it is close to downtown, Porto Seguro does not have any direct bus lines to the airport or shuttle services. As a result, a taxi will be your best option to get to the airport—even many locals do the same. Book flights from Porto Seguro with LATAM and take advantage of ways to make your flights more enjoyable and affordable.