Find the Best Flights Deals from Punta del Este

City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Punta del Este

Punta del Este has its own modern airport that is served by LATAM, and we provide flights from the city at great deals. If you’re looking to fly from Punta del Este but hate cramped planes, you’ll love LATAM’s award-winning aircraft and in-flight entertainment systems. Our staff members are really friendly and happy to help, and our reclining chairs are a joy to relax in.

Facilities at Punta del Este Airport

At the Capitán de Corbeta Carlos A. Curbelo International Airport (PDP), you can enjoy modern facilities, particularly the library and bookshop, both great for preparing for your flight. There is also a bank and currency exchange kiosk.

Transportation to the airport

Finding the airport is simply a matter of driving through Punta Ballena on Route 10. Taxi, bus and shuttle services are available to take you to your LATAM flight from Punta del Este.