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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Ribeirão Preto

With LATAM, you will constantly find improvements to your flight experience. This includes service innovations like on-demand entertainment and dining, as well as sustainability initiatives on its award-winning aircraft.

Traveling from Dr. Leite Lopes–Ribeirão Preto State Airport

Dr. Leite Lopes–Ribeirão Preto State Airport (RBR) is a small airport situated 10 km from downtown Ribeirão Preto. There are modest dining options for travelers. Note that there is no free Wi-Fi in the airport, which may surprise travelers familiar with some of the larger Brazilian airports.

Ways to Get to Ribeirão Preto Airport

Taxis will be the ideal option for most travelers looking to get to Ribeirão Preto airport. While there is bus service, an electronic card from the transportation department is required for all public transport. Fly from Ribeirão Preto with LATAM and experience on-demand entertainment and snacks to premier destinations across Latin America.