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Travelling from San Francisco

LATAM’s staff members will ensure you feel at home aboard sustainable, award-winning aircraft. As a LATAM customer, check in for your flight online and monitor your rewards system. Access any changes to your flight from San Francisco, or check your points balance.

Flying out of San Francisco

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) features the Berman Reflection Room for meditation and the Converge center, providing a spot where travelers can exchange ideas. Stop by the Aviation Museum and Library before catching your flight or use the Flight Deck interactive touchscreens to learn about how airplanes work.

Getting to the Airport

SFO is located about 22 km outside the city limits and can be reached with shuttle buses, public buses, the rail lines, and taxi, all available from popular hotels and transit points throughout the city. Book your flight with LATAM today for the best service for your flights from San Francisco.