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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Uberlandia

With LATAM, you get quality in all aspects of your experience, from attentive and knowledgeable staff to sustainable aircraft to on-demand entertainment and dining.

Departing from Ten. Cel. Av. César Bombonato Airport

Ten. Cel. Av. César Bombonato Airport (UDI) is 9 km from downtown Uberlandia and has accommodations to meet its popularity. There are both snacks and restaurant-style dining available, along with ATMs and shops for travel essentials such as clothing and books.

Getting to Uberlandia Airport

Uberlandia has an extensive bus system, but there are no direct airport stops. If you don't have a strong command of Portuguese or are new to traveling, it may be a bit overwhelming. Taxi service can be readily found across town if you're looking for something more simplistic, but it will likely be costlier. Book your tickets to fly from Uberlândia with LATAM to experience the best in-flight service at the best rates.