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City or airport
City or airport

Travelling from Valdivia

Flights from Valdivia Pichoy Airport depart daily for Santiago, Chile’s capital, on LATAM airlines. While flying aboard one of LATAM’s award-winning aircraft, download the entertainment app and keep occupied throughout the entire journey. The attentive staff aboard will look after your every need and leave you refreshed and ready at the destination.

Flying from Pichoy Airport (ZAL)

Pichoy Airport is about 35 km north of Valdivia, and has restaurants, newsstands, Wi-Fi, and coffee shops. It is a medium size airport for the region and has enough amenities to keep passengers comfortable until they board their LATAM flight.

Getting to Pichoy Airport

Many shuttles travel to and from the airport every day, in addition to tour buses dropping passengers off at the airport, there are numerous public buses that make the airport a regular stop. Book with LATAM now for the best rates and most accommodating staff.