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Traveling to Barreiras

Located in the state of Bahia, Barrieras is one of the most important cities in western Brazil. Several rivers, including the Rio Grande and Rio de Janeiro, flow through the city. When you select LATAM for your flights to Barrieras, you get the most comfortable cabins and superior in-flight service.

Things to See in Barreiras

With so many major waterways in Barrieras, many of the top attractions are natural sites. These include the Cachoeira do Redondo and Cachoeira do Acaba Vida, a pair of stunning waterfalls that encapsulate Brazil's natural splendor. For a different experience, visit the Rio de Ondas. This area is a local favorite, with most of the city's clubs and resorts nearby. You can also rent a canoe or tire tube to go down the river.

Travelers' Advice for Barreiras

While the nature attractions in Barrieras are well worth your time, getting to them can be difficult, so prepare for a slightly more intensive outing instead of a leisurely walk. If this is not appealing, the Napoleao de Mattos Macedo Municipal Museum in town covers the natural history of the region. Whichever way you choose to travel, book your flights to Barrieras with LATAM for your business and vacation trips.

Weather in Barreiras

109 °FFriday10/18/2019
103 °FSaturday10/19/2019
102 °FSunday10/20/2019
99 °FMonday10/21/2019
109 °FTuesday10/22/2019
94 °FWednesday10/23/2019
92 °FThursday10/24/2019