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Traveling to Bolivia

From the LATAM Entertainment App that offers exclusive content during your flight to comfortable chairs and friendly staff, the LATAM flight experience puts Bolivia within easier reach. You’ll soon be able to experience the country’s unique geography and biodiversity, discover its history, and experience its food and culture with a LATAM flight to Bolivia.

Sights to See in Bolivia

  • Bolivia is home to the largest salt flat on Earth. Known as Salar de Uyuni, this 10,582-square-kilometer salt flat rests near the crest of the Andes and attracts tourists throughout the year.
  • The Witches’ Market of Cerro Cumbre is found in a mountain clearing in La Paz. The market is run by local witches, and visitors can purchase dried frogs and armadillos that are used in their rituals.
  • Cristo de la Concordia is a statue of Jesus Christ found at the very top of San Pedro Hill and can be accessed by climbing 2,000 steps or riding a cable car.

Transportation in Bolivia

Tourists can access rural attractions with camiones (trucks) for hire, as well as for-hire micros, minibuses and trufis. Book your flight from Bolivia with LATAM for great deals and a stress-free experience.