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Traveling to Viracopos

Close to São Paulo, Campinas is not without its own charm, combining historical attractions with modern shopping. If you are looking for on-demand dining and entertainment, LATAM is the best choice when you travel to Campinas.

What not to miss in Campinas

The central hub of the city is the Culture Station, a converted rail station that hosts workshops, concerts and other events year-round. Another sight not to be missed is what locals call the "Hippie Fair." This bustling arts and crafts fair is a place where travelers can find paintings, jewelry, clothes, and more for sale. There is also a large food section, with traditional dishes like such as pasteis and empanadas side by side with imported favorites such as sushi.

Campinas travel essentials

If you have access to a car, the drive between Sousas and Joaquim Edigio is a great way to get a real sense of Campinas. Simply following the paved road provides panoramic views of older parts of the city. There are also many restaurants in the area, so feel free to stop and go at your own pace. LATAM's widespread flight network can get you to hundreds of destinations, so book flights to Campinas today!

Weather in Viracopos

83 °FFriday10/18/2019
88 °FSaturday10/19/2019
80 °FSunday10/20/2019
78 °FMonday10/21/2019
80 °FTuesday10/22/2019
80 °FWednesday10/23/2019
86 °FThursday10/24/2019