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Traveling to Caracas

Caracas is Venezuela’s capital and largest cities. Savor Venezuela’s famous Arepa — a cornbread served with slow-roasted meats and jellies — and enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding mountains when you visit this friendly, cosmopolitan city. Book your flight to Caracas with LATAM and enjoy our award-winning in-flight entertainment while you relax in an ergonomic seat.

Things to See in Caracas

Start your day at La Plaza Bolivar, located near the city center. You’ll see impressive statues of Simon Bolivar, Venezuela’s Congress, and stunning examples of colonial architecture. Then go to Simon Bolivar’s Birthplace House, which is one of Caracas’s best preserved colonial buildings. Discover the life of Simon Bolivar when you tour the museum. Take a stroll across the grounds of Universidad Central de Venezuela. This sprawling university blends 1950s and 1960s architecture with modern art and is a world heritage site. Afterward, visit the Boulevard of Sabana Grande and browse its high-end shops while you enjoy its beautiful public art. Stop by one of the boulevard’s restaurants and try the Pabello — a savory blend of shredded meat, rice, black beans, and bananas.

Best Time to Visit Caracas

Caracas’ tropical climate and high elevation offer pleasant year-round temperatures ranging from 64 F (18 C) to 82 F (28 C). It’s best visited from December through April, Caracas’ driest months.

Weather in Caracas

83 °FSaturday10/19/2019
80 °FSunday10/20/2019
79 °FMonday10/21/2019
78 °FTuesday10/22/2019
79 °FWednesday10/23/2019
77 °FThursday10/24/2019
81 °FFriday10/25/2019