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Cidade ou aeroporto
Cidade ou aeroporto

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Traveling to Castro

Castro, located in Los Lagos, or The Lakes, region of Chile is appropriately located on an island in the south of the country. Fly to Castro’s Gamboa Airport on LATAM airlines, and enjoy efficient and attentive service throughout your trip.

Things to do in Castro

Castro is the seat of government of Chiloe, and boasts very old and ornate buildings such as the Nuestra Senora de Gracia church, a system of colonial forts, and the Plaza del Tren Park, once a railyard. For entertainment, nightlife, and dining, the Plaza de Armas in central Castro, is beautiful and functional. This small town has two museums, both located near the plaza displaying archeological artifacts and contemporary art. The famous palafitos, or stilt-houses, are prominent throughout this lake region, and the Fiordo de Castro has many functional and well-preserved houses over the water.

Getting around in Castro

Buses and rental cars are common in the region, and the roads are paved and very well-maintained. The bus terminal in Castro connects the villages and towns of the region. Fly to this gateway to the lakes on LATAM, the leading airline in Latin America, through Gamboa airport