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Traveling to Cuiaba

Serving as a gateway to the Pantanal flood plain, Cuiaba is often used by visitors as a starting point for their nature excursions. Fly to Cuiabá with LATAM and enjoy on-demand snacks and cabins inspired by Latin America.

Attractions in Cuiabá

Cuiabá is right in the heart of Brazil's cattle country, and there are several sights to see, including Palácio de Instrução, which houses the city's history museums. One fun thing to do in town is shop for authentic cowboy equipment and clothes. The cattle tradition is also reflected in the local dining, with plenty of beef dishes being available along with seafood. Take a trip down to the port area and learn about the nearby river from the informative details and exhibits of the Museu do Rio Cuiabá.

Cuiabá travel tips

Animal lovers may want to either rent a car, get a taxi, or find a driving tour of the nearby Transpantaneira. This road has now become a great chance to see local wildlife, with capybara, caiman, egrets, river otters, and more drawn to the ditches on the side of the roadbed. However, if you want to enjoy this city or the surrounding area, be sure to book your flights to Cuiaba with LATAM.

Weather in Cuiaba

77 °FTuesday09/17/2019
105 °FWednesday09/18/2019
106 °FThursday09/19/2019
107 °FFriday09/20/2019
103 °FSaturday09/21/2019
105 °FSunday09/22/2019
106 °FMonday09/23/2019