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Traveling to Florianopolis

The city of Florianopolis is both on the Brazilian mainland and the island of Santa Catarina, and has become one of the top tourism spots in Brazil. Fly to Florianopolis with LATAM and enjoy on-demand dining and exclusive entertainment on award-winning aircraft.

Top sites in Florianopolis

Florianopolis has become a premier destination for its 42 beaches, waterfalls, and lagoons across the island of Santa Catarina. One favorite is the Lagoa da Conceição. This lagoon has the city's highest concentration of bars, shops, and restaurants. Be sure to walk through the city center for a lovely view of colonial architecture, and stop by the Public Market for local food and handicrafts. Many visitors to Florianopolis take use the beaches for activities such as paragliding, windsurfing, and scuba diving.

Getting around Florianopolis

Buses can get you from the center of town to all the beaches on the island, but transfers with long layovers will be required for some destinations. The best option is to ask at your hotel or hostel before getting on the bus, or get a rental car to explore at your own pace. No matter how you experience the city, be sure to fly to Florianopolis with LATAM.