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Traveling to Japan

Japan’s ancient temples and modern cities blend the past with the present. Immerse yourself in Japan’s culture when you see a Kabuki performance, attend a tea ceremony, or cheer on a sumo wrestler. Book your flight to Japan with LATAM today and arrive well rested after spending the night in a comfortable lie-flat seat.

Places to see in Japan

  • Tour Japan’s Imperial Palace. See the impressive walls and moats of the Japanese Imperial family’s official residence. You can even apply to tour the inner palace grounds. Then, experience the tranquility of the Imperial Palace East Garden. If you visit during March and April, you’ll find the gardens resplendent with plum and cherry blossoms.
  • Spend a day exploring the Edo-Tokyo Museum. Start with the replica of the Nakamura-za theater. Then journey through 1590s Japan and the birth of Tokyo as you see the Nihombashi Bridge and life-size replicas of buildings destroyed during the Kanto earthquake. Afterward, catch a Noh drama or Kabuki play at the National Theatre of Japan.
  • Bring your backpack and climb Mount Fuji. Scale the volcano overnight to witness a majestic sunrise. If you time things right, you can see the sunset, spend the night in a mountain hut, and then catch sunrise the next morning. Several buses and trains run between downtown Tokyo and the trailhead at Kawaguchiko Fifth Station.

Japan Tourism

Japan’s temperate climate has four distinct seasons. If you like winter sports and hot springs, visit during the winter. Otherwise, visit during the spring and enjoy the cherry blossoms. Japan’s trains, subways, and buses are famously punctual, so grab a timetable and synchronize your watch. Public transit is the easiest and most reliable way to see Japan’s cities.