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Traveling to Jauja

Once the capital of Spanish Peru, Jauja is best known for its Xauxa ruins and dry climate. A treasure trove of adventure awaits travelers in this southern Sierra town nestled in the mountains of Peru. Book your flight to Jauja with LATAM today and enjoy unparalleled comfort and service as you travel to the world of the ancient Inca.

Things to do in Jauja

Climb aboard a boat and explore the Laguna de Paca, a beautiful lake with plenty of restaurants on its banks. Take a walking tour of the Inca Trail with a local guide. On this well-preserved trail, you’ll spot eagles and wild vicunas. Visit the Pumamarca ruins and walk through a site that preserves the Xauxa culture amidst an idyllic landscape. Then, go to the Pueblo Viejo Ruins. You’ll enjoy stunning views of Laguna de Paca and the Pichiluli ruins. Afterward, grab a GPS receiver or your cell phone and go geocaching in the Yanamarca Valley. This 3-4 day hunt features rural communities, beautiful hillsides, and several archaeological sites.

What to eat in Jauja

There are many local bakeries dotted throughout town that serve local dulces and flavorful cakes. Restaurants serve a variety of meats and delicious grilled chicken. Nearby the Jauja bus terminal, you can find plenty of street vendors serving fresh food, as well as a sprawl of pool halls and bars.

Weather in Jauja

45 °FThursday10/17/2019
49 °FFriday10/18/2019
50 °FSaturday10/19/2019
48 °FSunday10/20/2019
53 °FMonday10/21/2019
53 °FTuesday10/22/2019
52 °FWednesday10/23/2019