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Traveling to João Pessoa

One of Brazil's oldest cities, João Pessoa has some of the country's best urban beaches along with preserved colonial architecture. With LATAM's quality service and comfortable cabins, you will feel relaxed while you travel to João Pessoa.

Attractions in João Pessoa

Many of the tourist attractions and infrastructure are based around the beaches of Tambaú and Cabo Branco. In addition to the majority of hotels, much of the city's nightlife and dining can be found in this area. If you would like to see even more of the ocean, boats on the north end of the Cabo Branco beach can take you snorkeling or to Areia Vermelha, a small sandy patch offshore. Note that both of these options are dependent on low tide.

Tips for João Pessoa

The city center of João Pessoa has a number of historical buildings great for a leisurely stroll. One of these buildings is the colonial church Igreja do São Francisco, which blends multiple architectural styles. Another is Ladeira de São Francisco, which has a great view of the nearby Sanhaua River. Several signs are present to indicate the tourist trail. No matter how you choose to enjoy the city, book flights to João Pessoa with LATAM.

Weather in João Pessoa

72 °FFriday07/19/2019
71 °FSaturday07/20/2019
71 °FSunday07/21/2019
69 °FMonday07/22/2019
72 °FTuesday07/23/2019
70 °FWednesday07/24/2019
72 °FThursday07/25/2019