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Ciudad o aeropuerto
Ciudad o aeropuerto

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Traveling to Monterrey

Monterrey is Mexico’s third largest city and one of its most modern. Its contemporary architecture will delight your senses while you explore this bastion of industry, entertainment, and culture. Book your flight to Monterrey with LATAM and enjoy our friendly service while you relax with a movie of your choice.

Monterrey's must-see attractions

The beautiful waterfalls at Cascadas Cola de Caballo Park are located a few miles outside of Monterrey. You can also lace up your hiking boots and climb Cerro de la Silla, a saddle-shaped mountain and Monterrey’s most notable landmark. Visit the Bioparque Estrella and discover the wonders of the Serengeti. Then, grab your swimsuit and go to Presa la Boca. Browse stalls filled with traditional handicrafts. Afterward, go for a drive over the Puente de la Unidad San Pedro, a futuristic suspension bridge. Spend a day at La Huasteca and marvel at nature’s power while you explore the canyons. 

Getting around Monterrey

In addition to taxis and metro buses, Monterrey has an elaborate subway system, a modern and inexpensive method of public transportation. It's relatively easy to get to La Gran Plaza downtown as well as to other popular parts of the city.