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From Los Angeles

Depart 05/13/2019,
Return 05/29/2019
fromUS$ 640*Viewed 17 hours

From New York

Depart 06/10/2019,
Return 06/18/2019
fromUS$ 710*Viewed 16 hours

From Miami

Depart 06/10/2019,
Return 06/17/2019
fromUS$ 670*Viewed 17 hours

From Los Angeles

Depart 05/28/2019,
Return 06/09/2019
fromUS$ 797*Viewed 16 hours

From New York

Depart 05/10/2019,
Return 05/21/2019
fromUS$ 1,067*Viewed 36 minutes

From Boston

Depart 05/01/2019,
Return 05/07/2019
fromUS$ 1,308*Viewed 21 hours

From New York

Depart 05/22/2019,
Return 05/26/2019
fromUS$ 1,023*Viewed 21 hours

From Los Angeles

Depart 07/04/2019,
Return 07/15/2019
fromUS$ 803*Viewed 10 hours

From Boston

Depart 06/27/2019,
Return 07/09/2019
fromUS$ 963*Viewed 16 hours

From Orlando

Depart 06/12/2019,
Return 06/26/2019
fromUS$ 656*Viewed 20 hours

From Raleigh

Depart 06/23/2019,
Return 07/02/2019
fromUS$ 1,324*Viewed 1 day

From Atlanta

Depart 06/08/2019,
Return 06/15/2019
fromUS$ 1,011*Viewed 16 hours
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Some flights could be operated by: LATAM Airlines Brazil, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Argentina or American Airlines.

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Traveling to Peru

The Andes, the longest mountain range in the world, are a prominent feature of the Peruvian landscape. Nestled high within them is Machu Picchu, the mysterious Incan settlement that attracts visitors from across the glove. The natural beauty is just the beginning of your adventure in colorful Peru. Explore Incan history, Spanish colonial architecture, and the cultures of unique peoples living high in the mountains. Fly to Peru aboard LATAM, and arrive rested and ready for your adventure, thanks to the attentive and committed staff.

Top sights in Peru

The number one must-see spot is Machu Picchu, and if you’re up for the hike, the Incan Trail leading up to the site provides incredible views and wildlife. Hundreds of other archaeological sites dot the country, too. Beyond the history, explore the beaches of Miraflores, and the Parque Nacional Huascarán with its 69 stunning lakes.

Peru Tourism

Because the country is so close to the equator, you can travel to Peru year-round. Visit LATAM’s website to book your flight to Lima, the Peruvian capital, and enjoy the perks of our frequent flyer program, LATAM Pass. Our staff are passionate about making your experience one-of-a-kind.