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Buenos Aires (AEP) To Puerto Iguazú (IGR)

Depart 06/23/2018,
Return 07/02/2018
fromUS$275* Viewed: 22 hours

Santiago (SCL) To Puerto Iguazú (IGR)

Depart 05/20/2018,
Return 05/23/2018
fromUS$350* Viewed: 8 hours

Cordoba (COR) To Puerto Iguazú (IGR)

Depart 04/04/2018,
Return 04/13/2018
fromUS$651* Viewed: 12 hours

Salta (SLA) To Puerto Iguazú (IGR)

Depart 05/25/2018,
Return 06/01/2018
fromUS$616* Viewed: 1 day
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Traveling to Puerto Iguazú

Iguazu Falls is located just steps away from Puerto Iguazu, also known as simply Iguazu, a small city sitting at the Triple Frontier of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. When you travel to Iguazu with LATAM, delight in your award-winning accommodations as you are whisked away to this natural wonder in style and comfort.

Discover Iguazu

The falls and the jungles surrounding them are Iguazu’s main attraction, with the jungle filled with wildlife. You cannot miss Iguazu National Park’s centerpiece, Iguazu Falls, showcasing 275 drops dividing the upper and lower sections of the river. Listen to the constant sound of bird calls as you hike the trails, and revel in the sound of water rushing as a constant reminder of the park’s beauty. If you are feeling adventurous, bungee jumping is available at the edge of the falls, and you will get a bird’s-eye view of the cascades as you wait for your turn to plunge toward the river.

Getting around in Iguazu

Puerto Iguazu offers shuttles and taxis to get to the falls, park entrances, and popular restaurants. Book your trip to Iguazu now on LATAM to get the best rates and enjoy outstanding service.

Weather in Puerto Iguazú

25 °CThursday03/22/2018
29 °CFriday03/23/2018
29 °CSaturday03/24/2018
24 °CSunday03/25/2018
18 °CMonday03/26/2018
18 °CTuesday03/27/2018
18 °CWednesday03/28/2018