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Traveling to Rio Branco

At the capital of Brazil's Acre state, Rio Branco is an important economic, administrative, and educational center for northern Brazil. LATAM provides you exemplary service on flights not just to Rio Branco, but across the region with its well-connected flight network, the largest one in Latin America.

Top attractions of Rio Branco

Rio Branco's Square Plácido de Castro is a great central location to begin your exploration of the city, host to much of the area's restaurants and near the restored Palácio Rio Branco, a historical museum that was once the seat of the state government. If you want to learn more about local history, the Museu da Borracha has documents, publications, and other artifacts from Acre's rubber industry. Another historical destination is the nearby Xapuri, hometown of environmentalist Chico Mendes.

Rio Branco Tips

Shoppers in Rio Branco have two main malls to choose from, Mira Shopping and the smaller but newer Via Verde Shopping. One place to get a lovely view of the nearby Acre River is the Catwalk Joaquim Macedo pedestrian bridge. Whatever you choose to see during your time in this city, fly to Rio Branco with LATAM.

Weather in Rio Branco

75 °FTuesday07/23/2019
87 °FWednesday07/24/2019
78 °FThursday07/25/2019
77 °FFriday07/26/2019
77 °FSaturday07/27/2019
83 °FSunday07/28/2019
91 °FMonday07/29/2019