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Traveling to Rondonópolis

The growing city of Rondonópolis is a favorite for travelers preparing to explore the northern Pantanal LATAM has an extremely well-connected flight network that can get you to Rondonópolis from all across Latin America. 

Sights and Attractions of Rondonópolis

Along with its proximity to the Pantanal, there are several captivating natural sites around town, like the Parque Ecológico João Basso, a Private Natural Heritage Reserve. The countryside also has several mesa and butte geological formations typical of the Cerrado tableland where Rondonópolis is located. You can also relax and take in the stunning sunset at the pier on the banks of the Rio Vermelho. For a small dose of the city's history, the Rosa Bororo Museum has several relics from early Rondonópolis.

Tips for your trip to Rondonópolis

Ecotourism is the main draw here, but there are also several modern shopping centers in Rondonópolis, two of the largest being Rondon Plaza Shopping and Montello Mall. To see the local bar and dining scene, walk down Avenida Lions to see the best the city has to offer. Fly to Rondonopolis with LATAM and take advantage of the region's best rates.

Weather in Rondonópolis

78 °FThursday10/17/2019
101 °FFriday10/18/2019
107 °FSaturday10/19/2019
105 °FSunday10/20/2019
93 °FMonday10/21/2019
88 °FTuesday10/22/2019
97 °FWednesday10/23/2019