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Traveling to San Cristóbal, Galapagos Islands

The easternmost of the Galápagos Islands, San Cristóbal offers not only the wildlife emblematic of the islands, but a look into its human history as well. LATAM provides superior service and entertainment on award-winning aircraft on your flight to San Cristóbal.

San Cristóbal's Best Attractions

The main town on San Cristóbal is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the capital of the islands. This has most of the island's dining and infrastructure. Another important town to see is El Progreso. One of the first towns on the island, this original sugar mill factory offers tours into the island's highlands to understand some of the local history. And of course, there are the beaches, with favorites including Playa Mann and Puerto Chino.

San Cristóbal Travel Facts

There are several sites in San Cristóbal that are truly one of a kind, but can only be accessed by boat or with a guide. One of them is Kicker Rock, a stunning rock formation that is great for snorkeling, with rays, sharks, and turtles in the water. Another is Isla Lobos, home to a sea bird and sea lion colony. At any time of year, for business or pleasure, fly with LATAM to San Cristóbal.