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Lima (LIM) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 06/23/2018,
Return 07/14/2018
fromUS$161* Viewed: 2 days

Los Angeles (LAX) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 05/26/2018,
Return 06/14/2018
fromUS$746* Viewed: 15 hours

Miami (MIA) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 05/10/2018,
Return 05/30/2018
fromUS$761* Viewed: 1 day

Santiago (SCL) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 05/08/2018,
Return 05/17/2018
fromUS$417* Viewed: 12 hours

Washington, D.C. (DCA) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 04/03/2018,
Return 04/18/2018
fromUS$893* Viewed: 1 day

Washington, D.C. (IAD) To Trujillo (TRU)

Depart 04/03/2018,
Return 04/18/2018
fromUS$923* Viewed: 2 days
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Traveling to Trujillo

Known as the “Culture Capital of Peru”, Trujillo represents the heart of Peru’s independence. The country’s second- largest city is located where the Moche River meets the Pacific Valley. The city was home to prehistoric peoples of the Moche and Chimu cultures, and Trujillo has many spots to reconnect with this past. Enjoy flights to Trujillo with LATAM, Latin America’s number one airline who values making you feel right at home.

Best of Trujillo

Start your trip at Historic Center of Trujillo, and learn about the prehistoric and Spanish colonial history. Outside the city, visit nearby Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the ancient world, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Explore the historic Temples of the Sun and Moon. Experience the local culture by swimming or surfing at Huanchaco Beach. In the evening, visit the beautifully-lit Tunnel of Desires along El Paseo des Aguas.

Transportation in Trujillo

The city center is very walkable, making it easy to take in the beautiful Spanish architecture. Use the public transportation to explore other neighborhoods and visit the beach. For added convenience, hire a taxi or rent a car. Get great deals on travel to Trujillo with LATAM today and enjoy a comfortable Peruvian journey.

Weather in Trujillo

24 °CFriday03/23/2018
21 °CSaturday03/24/2018
21 °CSunday03/25/2018
23 °CMonday03/26/2018
22 °CTuesday03/27/2018
22 °CWednesday03/28/2018
22 °CThursday03/29/2018