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Traveling to Venezuela

From the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean to its forest-covered mountains, Venezuela's terrain entrances travelers with its beauty and biodiversity. Nicknamed the “Land of Grace” by Christopher Columbus, Venezuela has a history that dates back 15,000 years. Book your flight to Venezuela with LATAM today and relax in an ergonomic seat aboard our sustainable aircraft.

Top Places to See in Venezuela

  • Discover El Ávila National Park's sweeping views of the mountains and city when you take the cable car from Caracas up El Avila Mountain. Over 500 bird species call its mountain forests home. Grab your binoculars and join a bird-watching tour. You'll also see red howler monkeys, hundreds of butterflies, and delicate orchids.
  • Explore Venezuela's history when you visit the National Pantheon of Venezuela in Caracas. Its painted ceilings depict the life of Simon Bolivar. You can view its grand monuments or join a tour for a more in-depth look into Venezuela's past and the lives of the historical figures buried here.
  • Visit Maracaibo, Venezuela's second largest city, and see its colonial architecture. Stroll through the historic Santa Lucia neighborhood and see its colorful homes, gargoyles, and gothic church.
  • Go boating on Lake Maracaibo. This 5,100 square mile lake teems with life, including sotalia freshwater dolphins, flamingos, and luminous blue butterflies. If you enjoy storm-watching, this area holds the world record for annual lightning flashes.

Venezuela Tourism

Venezuela has a tropical climate, best visited during the dry season of December through April. Bus routes run throughout Venezuela, offering service within cities and additional routes to neighboring areas. If you're in Caracas, take the cable cars or metro. Taxis are also a good way to get around. Regardless of your transportation method, carry your passport with you.