Will these changes be applied to international flights?

These changes only apply to domestic flights within Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. There will be no changes to in-flight services on long-haul international flights. We are currently evaluating the implementation of these changes to regional routes.

What will be the new options or complementary services that can be accessed?

For purchases on international and independently purchased domestic flights, several options are on offer, such as: seat selection, checked baggage and on-board services. You will only need to pay for what you need.

What will happen with my luggage if I have a domestic and international flight on the same booking?

Within the booking, the international luggage allowance will prevail. Therefore, on your domestic route, if you have already bought complementary services, no baggage charges will be made.

With the new system, will on-board snacks and free drinks continue to exist?

No, the new system replaces the previous one. While we will not be offering free drinks and snacks, we will be offering a varied menu of high quality products, available for purchase. As for international flights, we will continue to provide the current options of free inflight services.

In what countries will this be implemented and on what dates?

This new model will initially be implemented on the domestic markets of Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. This will take place gradually throughout 2017.

Can I bring my own food onboard?

In the case of domestic flights, you will be able to bring your own food on board. However for international flights, we will continue to provide free inflight services; bringing your own food will not be necessary.

What does it mean that I'll have new options when flying on domestic flights with LATAM?

LATAM has renewed its business model for domestic markets allowing you to customise your travel experience. You will be able to choose the services you require, allowing you access to lower rates.

What are my benefits with this new model?

You will be able to fly as you wish; tailoring your trip however suits you best. You will have more economic alternatives when travelling domestically through the specified destinations, greater transparency, clarity and access to more technology to facilitate the travel process.

Why did LATAM make this change?

Given the economic challenges in the region and aim to further develop Latin America, the model seeks to make the company more efficient so that our customers can fly and pay only for what they need. Our passengers appreciate that the trips are fast, simple and efficient; they want to make their own decisions and have the tools to actively influence their travel experience. Our passengers also look for transparency; they want to choose and want to know what they are buying.  On the other hand, rapid advances in technology have changed the way we relate airlines with our passengers and vice versa. Passengers are always connected and travel is no exception.

Does this change mean that LATAM would become a low cost airline?

We are not a low cost company. We will be using certain low cost practices which are already standard in the domestic businesses in which we operate. These are very valuable for our passengers and will help increase tourism within the region (lower prices and a new way of buying). But we have not changed our strategy of being a full service airline on long-haul flights.

What are the additional services that I'll be able to access?

You have several options to choose from, such as: seat selection, checked baggage and on-board services.

What value will these services have?

The services will offer competitive prices on domestic flights, and we will promptly inform you of charges associated with them. Our members Platinum, Black and Black Signature will have exclusive benefits to access additional services on domestic flights, free of charge.  

What if I bought a ticket before the changes were implemented?

You will not be affected. The conditions of your ticket as referred to in the Single Contract Travel (CUV) will be maintained.  

What will happen to the Frequent Flyer program?

If you are a member of the program, we will be maintaining low rates of exchange and greater accessibility to travel using your KMS / points on domestic routes within Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina. When it comes to the accumulation of KMS / points when flying, this will be calculated based on the rate paid for the ticket, instead of the distance travelled. This will accelerate the accumulation for our members in higher categories: Platinum, Black and Black Signature.  

Is my accumulation affected by paying for cheaper tickets?

The accumulation of LATAM Pass KMS / points will be linked to the value of the ticket.  While there may be less accumulation, there will also be access to low exchange rates, as well as permanent promotions that you can access with less LATAM Pass KMS / points.  

What benefits will Platinum, Black or Black Signature members have - that they did not have before?

If you purchase an international flight or independently purchase a domestic flight, you will receive complementary services (luggage, seat selection and preferred seating). These will be awarded at no cost to our members in Platinum Black or Black Signature as an exclusive benefit to recognise your preference. The benefit of advancement and postponement of domestic flights on the same day stays at no extra cost; Platinum costumers will be added to this benefit.