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The LATAM Fidelidade Program is part of Multiplus, which is a loyalty rewards network. Once you are registered with Multiplus you can check your account statement, view your points and redeem them for flights or Multiplus products.

Also, you can use your LATAM Fidelidade points to upgrade the seat class for your flight from Tourist to Executive on TAM flights and enjoy greater comfort during your trip. 


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The Program

Some people are always travelling. It was with these people in mind that we created the LATAM Fidelidade Program in 1993. We believe that when someone chooses our company, they deserve all our attention and recognition. So this is our way of showing our loyalty to you.

Unlike other programs, ours is simpler and easier. Simpler, because you earn points, not miles, which means fewer calculations and more trips. Easier, because there are no seat or schedule restrictions for our domestic and international flights.

What's more, you can also accrue and redeem points with all of our partner airlines and their destinations.Also, our program is a part of the Multiplus Network.

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These are the benefits of being a LATAM Fidelidade client:


In the LATAM Fidelidade Program, there are several ways to accrue points: flights, shopping, travel and much more.


On TAM flights, it’s even possible to redeem the last seat on a flight, including on holidays. Simply check the number of points necessary for each destination.


When redeeming reward tickets, you can take advantage of all the coverage offered by TAM, LAN and our partner airlines, such as oneworld members.


All your purchases are automatically converted into Multiplus Points in the LATAM Fidelidade Program.


The LATAM Fidelidade Program is part of Multiplus, the best and largest loyalty network in Brazil. It allows you to accrue points from various companies and loyalty programs on just one account and exchange them for numerous rewards. This way, you accrue points faster and acquire the products and services you desire in less time.

What's more, if you fly with us or with our partner airlines, you can be upgraded to the Gold, Platinum, Black or Black Signature categories, which offer even more benefits. Learn more in the 'Categories' section.