How do i qualify?

Our Elite categories offer many benefits. You will be able to access them as you earn kms., add segments or combine LATAM Pass KMS with flights in upper class.



Within a maximum period of 1 calendar year. Earn LATAM Pass KMS on LATAM Airlines or oneworld flights where the fare allows you to earn kilometers. This also includes bonus kms. (except for Black category, which considers only kilometers flown on LATAM Airlines) earned on flights when you fly in Premium Business on LATAM Airlines or First Class on LATAM Airlines Brasil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay. Category bonuses do not apply for qualification purposes.

How long does your category last?

If you qualified, the  elite category will be extended until 31 March next year.

If you are Gold category, download your membership card at the LATAM Airlines application and take it with you everywhere you go. If you are Platinum, Black or Black Signature category, we will send an Elite welcome pack to your registered address that contains: an Elite member card and a guide that lists the benefits.

Keep in mind that the rules for qualification depend on your country of residence and that the corresponding accumulation to access an Elite status level is based on a calendar year (from January 1st to December 31st ). You should also know that your benefits are activated within a maximum period of 12 days after you are qualified.

Note: The kilometers you've earned for category bonuses do not apply for qualification purposes.