Starting on April 22, 2017, our program will continue evolving by making changes to the way you earn LATAM Pass KMS.

It will be easier to calculate your LATAM Pass KMS. because each member category will have a unique multiplier to earn LATAM Pass KMS. The same multiplier will apply regardless of your flight destination. All you have to do is use this value, multiply it by each dollar you spend on your airline ticket* and you will receive the LATAM Pass KMS. you've earned. This way we can reward you when you spend more. In addition, the higher your Elite status, the higher your multiplier. 

*This amount does not include fees, taxes or payment for extra services. 


Review the kilometers per dollar (or multiplier) of your member category: 


The Elite Bonus you currently receive as an Elite Member will be included in the multiplier, making it easier to calculate your accrual.  

For example:


Laura is a Gold member and she purchased a round trip ticket from Miami to Santiago for $900 USD with an Economy Base fare.

Current earning model
New earning model

Please remember:

  • To calculate the LATAM Pass KMS. you've earned, we only consider the ticket price. Boarding fees, taxes or any additional expenses such as excess baggage, FRONT SEAT or +SPACE seats, tour packages and travel insurance are not considered for this new condition. 
  • For tickets purchased in a currency other than the dollar, the exchange rate we will use is the IATA Exchange Rate, which is updated every day from Monday to Friday. The exchange rate of reference is available online.
  • There is no longer a minimum distance for calculating LATAM Pass KMS. on all routes. There will be no changes in the way you earn LATAM Pass KMS. for purchases at associated businesses, financial institutions and with LATAM Travel.
  • For tickets purchased on oneworld and associated airlines, current earning conditions apply.
  • Your LATAM Pass KMS. will be added to your account within a maximum of 7 days.
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