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Now you are part of LATAM Pass and your Multiplus Points are called  LATAM Pass Miles. But don’t worry, because this change doesn’t affect your account’s balance or the redemption offers of flights.

LATAM Pass Mile


Complete your transactions on the LATAM platform, earn miles and redeem them for whatever you like



Don’t know how to earn LATAM Pass Miles? Find out what your new currency is and earn them flying LATAM, oneworld and associated airlines, and through your bank and commercial alliances.


Just like your Multiplus Points,redeem your LATAM Pass Miles to fly to over 1000 destinations around the world, now through the LATAM platform. Besides, you'll have access to an even better catalog of products.


Were you an Elite member of LATAM Fidelidade? Check what benefits you have for being part of LATAM Pass and how you can keep your category or qualify for a superior category.


Do you have doubts? Check more details about this change:




Will this change affect my current balance?

No. Your Multiplus points will now be called LATAM Pass Miles, but the balance on your account will not be affected by this change and will be available in the LATAM platform, where you can to redeem them for various products and services.



Will this change affect the airfare redeeming process?

This change will not affect LATAM’s offer of airfare redemption. You will continue to have access to the various routes operated by LATAM Airlines, oneworld companies and airline partners to fly to over 1,000 destinations around the world.

Will there be changes to the LATAM product catalogue?

Yes. With this change you will have access to a much larger catalogue. You can now redeem your LATAM Pass Miles for airfare, products and services. The new product catalogue will be available for Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay* and Colombia*.

*In Uruguay and Colombia, the new product catalogue will be available in 2018.



Flying with LATAM Airlines, oneworld and partner airlines

The way you earn will not be affected. You will continue earning under the same, current rules, but your final balance is now in LATAM Pass Miles instead of with Multiplus Points.

Financial institutions and associated businesses

You now have access to a new network of bank and business alliances, which gives you more opportunities to earn LATAM Pass Miles.

Categories and Benefits


Will the change affect my member category?

No. Our members will maintain their category, where applicable. The expiration date of your category will not be affected either.

Will I have the same benefits associated with my category?

Yes. The principal benefits associated with your category are the same and will not be affected by the change.

Member category qualification rules

This change does not modify the rules to qualify for a superior category. The only change is that instead of earning Elite points you will earn Elite Miles.

Member account


How can I access my account?

You should wait to receive the notification by e-mail informing you that you can access the website to renew your password and accept the Terms and Conditions of the LATAM Pass program. If you have not been notified or cannot access the website, contact our Contact Center.

If I already have a LATAM Pass account, can I combine them?

Yes, you can combine them by contacting the Contact Center, indicating the member number of both accounts and which one you want to keep and which one you want to cancel. All LATAM Pass Miles, Elite Miles, Segments or Elite Dollars earned in the cancelled account will be moved to your final account.

Can I review my transactions before the change?

Yes, go to your Account Statement to access and see the details of your transaction history, in the details of the transfer transaction.

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