If you want to change the schedule, date or destination of your ticket, and if your ticket allows it, you will have to check the regulations, flight schedule and ticket status, among other factors. Here are the main details to keep in mind before making a change. Apply for tickets sold starting on May 1, 2015.


Check the status of your ticket

If you want to make a change, check if your ticket has or has not been used. The way we price your fare will depend on this.



Unused tickets

If you have not yet traveled and want to make a change, we will price the new ticket with the fare we have available at the time you make the change.

Used tickets

If you already flew a part of your trip and want to make a change, we will apply the fares valid at the time you bought the original ticket.

Make your change on time

Before making a change, remember to look at the flight time. If you make changes after that time, the fine could be greater or could prevent you from making the change.



Check the restrictions of each flight

Keep in mind that your trip may include various flights and that each flight may have different regulations. You can make a change if your new ticket complies with the regulations of the rest of your itinerary.



These two flights could have different regulations. If you want to modify Flight 2 LIM-MIA, that allows for a change, you have to check if it respects the regulations of Flight 1 SCL-LIM. For example: minimum stay on trip.



Choose any available fare

If you already checked and know that you can make the change, your new ticket may have a higher or lower fare when you make the change, according to what is available at that time. If you switch to a lower fare and the original ticket is refundable, we will refund you the difference in cash. In all other cases, the refund will be made with a Travel Voucher. If you choose a more expensive fare, you will have to pay the difference in order to pay for the full cost of your new ticket. Keep in mind that changes may carry a penalty fee and that there may be a difference in applicable taxes and fees.


How much is the penalty for changing a ticket?

If your ticket allows for a change with a fine, the price will depend on the type of ticket you bought. You can see this information in the Purchase receipt that we sent to your email address at the time of the purchase, under the Changes and Returns section. If you are going to make changes to two or more flights of the same trip, only the highest fine will be applicable for each change you make.

Please remember that any changes made will affect all passengers under the same reservation. Therefore, if you’d like to change the date, time or destination for only one of the passengers, you’ll need to call our Contact Center.