The Travel Voucher is a coupon valid for 6 months that you can redeem for LATAM services or cash through a bank transfer. This process can only be authorized via our Contact Center or Sales Offices.

Check the status of your Travel Voucher by entering the coupon number or airport at which it was issued.

How can I redeem my Travel Voucher?

For cash

We will transfer the corresponding amount in local currency using one of the following methods.

  • Bank transfer
  • Redeem the voucher for cash in one of our Sales Offices.

Check which are available in your country in Terms and Conditions.

Redeem for some of our services

  • Purchase some services operated by LATAM Airlines Group.
  • Fines or fare differences LATAM Airlines Group.

Where can I redeem my Travel Voucher?

  • On our website after entering the passenger information and purchasing your ticket.
  • By contacting our Contact Center.
  • In some of our Sales Offices by presenting the identity document that appears on the Travel Voucher.
  • Redeeming by bank transfer in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay is only available at the Contact Center.

Terms and conditions

Redeeming vouchers for services:

  • This only applies to itineraries with flights sold and marketed by LATAM Airlines Group: LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Peru, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Brazil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay.
  • If the cost of services is more than the value of the Travel Voucher, you may pay the difference using any payment method that is available. 
  • Ticket purchases can be performed through our Contact Center or any country that has LATAM Sales Offices.
  • In our Contact Center you can redeem the Travel Voucher for services or bank transfer in favor of another person. Through our website is not possible. Contact us to inform you of the necessary documents to make the exchange.
  • If you redeem your Travel Voucher for LATAM services, its value covers payment of the total fare. However, you can pay for taxes and fees using another payment method.
  • If the amount of the Travel Voucher is more than the amount redeemed for services, you can request the remaining balance on a new Travel Voucher to hold said balance for the next 6 months. If you perform your redemption via the Sales Offices and Contact Center, you can request this when you make your redemption. If you perform your redemption via, you will have to call the Contact Center as soon as possible to make it effective.

Redeeming vouchers via Western Union and credit cards

  • Redeeming vouchers using one of these methods is no longer available. However, LATAM will honor all vouchers redeemed through November 9, 2016. If you have any questions, please contact our Contact Center.

Redeeming vouchers for cash via bank transfer

Redeeming vouchers for cash at Sales Offices is only available during business hours from Monday to Friday. Payment is performed in local currency based on the exchange rate on the date when the voucher is redeemed.

*Only applies for amounts under 399 USD and at certain offices. Review the list for each country.

Customer service hours at Sales Offices to redeem vouchers for cash:



  • Centro: Av. 9 de octubre 101-103 y Malecón.
    Monday to Friday: 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Coruña: Av. La Coruña 1527.
    Monday to Friday: 09:00 am to06:00 pm.
  • Mall del Sol: Av. J. Orratia y Av. Tanca Marengo.
    Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Mall Policentro: Av. del Periodista y Juan Bautista Arzube.
    Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.
  • Quicentro: Av. Naciones Unidas y Shyris.
    Monday to Friday: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm.

General terms and conditions:

  • You can redeem your Travel Voucher for LATAM services or cash depending on the applicable compensation. These are mutually exclusive options.
  • You don't need to present the Travel Voucher document to redeem your voucher.
  • Remember that you must redeem the voucher within 6 months after its date of issue.
  • All Travel Vouchers issued before August 28, 2017, will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue.
  • In Brazil, you may only redeem a Travel Voucher through our Contact Center.
  • This voucher has no resale value and can be redeemed without presenting the actual document.
  • Travel Vouchers issued to children can be redeemed by their parents or an adult by presenting the identity document of the minor or the family record book.


Involuntary refunds of tickets purchased using a Travel Voucher.

  • The entire amount paid with Travel Voucher is returned in a new Travel Voucher, the unused taxes and fees and the part you paid extra. The latter is returned through the same means of payment used

Voluntary refunds of tickets purchased using a Travel Voucher

  • Refundable fares: LATAM will refund half of the amount paid with a Travel Voucher, unused taxes and fees and the additional payment made for the ticket. LATAM will refund it through the same payment method used to pay for the ticket.
  • Non-refundable fares: only the total of the unused taxes and fees will be returned.