Welcome to the Premium Economy Experience

Enjoy an excellent menu designed around premium quality raw materials. When paired together with the best wines, you will experience the highest level of sophistication.

Given the current global situation regarding COVID-19, we simplify our food services to minimize the handling of items, in addition to taking additional hygiene measures for the delivery and collection of said services. Check for more details.

This service is temporarily suspended on domestic flights to PeruColombia and Brazil at the request of local authorities.


On International Flights

All our services come with juices, soft drinks, Juan Valdez or Suplicy premium coffee and Twinings teas. Starting at 12:00 pm, we offer you a selection of wine and spirits.

Flights between 1 and 3 hours

For breakfast, we offer you something from the bakery, fresh fruit and a cold plate with meats and cheeses. For lunch or dinner, we offer you a cold main course and a dessert.


Flights over 3 hours

For breakfast we offer you something from the bakery, fresh fruit and two choices for your main course. For lunch or dinner, we offer you a salad, two choices for your main course and a dessert or fruit.


Special Meals

We offer special alternative dishes. For more details, visit our Special Meals pages.

How can you know what food you will be getting on your flight?

Easy! For example, if you are traveling between Santiago and Miami, changing in Lima, you will benefit from two services based on the duration of each flight.


If your flight has no connections, the services we offer will be in accordance with the timing and duration of the flight.