We have adopted a number of procedures to ensure the safety of your information in the LATAM Fidelidade Program. Despite this effort, there are fake emails circulating on the web that claim to be sent by LATAM. These messages misuse our image and ask for personal data or passwords. As a result, we'd like to share some tips to prevent this. Remember:

  • Never give out personal information and passwords to third parties;
  • Do not enter passwords into e-mails and websites of unknown origin;
  • Monitor your LATAM Fidelidade statement regularly.

About fake emails and pages

  • LATAM Fidelidade is based on the accumulation of points, not miles. If an email or website mentions the word "miles", it is definitely fake.
  • Emails sent by the Program are personalized, i.e.: they always mention the customer's name in the  greeting.
  • Check whether the sender's email is actually LATAM Fidelidade before replying or carrying out any request. To do this, right-click on the sender's address.
  • If the message redirects you to a link, check that the site has an official LATAM address and that a secure login connection is allowed, depicted by a padlock that appears in the internet browser.
  • If you have any doubt about the origin of a message or website, please contact our Help Center.

Marketing of points or issuing to third parties

Through our systems we have evidenced some customer practices in relation to the marketing of points, which are not in accordance with LATAM Fidelidade Program rules.

On exposing your personal registration information to third parties (such as ID, CPF [individual taxpayer number], address and phone), you facilitate any type of fraud, putting your safety at risk .

Remember that your password and recovery password are confidential. Do not make this information available to third parties and/or companies that market points. Such companies have no commercial link with the LATAM, and are not authorized to perform this type of practice.

About the use of passwords

  • To access the LATAM Fidelidade Program and the Multiplus website, you will need your  LATAM Fidelidade number and your password. The LATAM Fidelidade number is the same as your CPF. If you do not have a a CPF number, a code with letters and numbers will be generated.
  • Requests for password updates or reminders made through the site are forwarded to the e-mail  already  registered  with the Program.
  • To issue tickets on the website through the Sales Team or LATAM stores, you  must use  your  recovery password  as well as the LATAM Fidelidade number and password. This password will also be required to exchange your points for third party tickets.
  • To obtain or change the recovery password contact the Multiplus Customer Relations Cente.
  • The issuance or replacement of tickets exchanged for points in our stores without the presence of the holder, by way of exception, will only be authorized upon presentation of a power of attorney registered and notarized by a Notary's Office.