How to Earn Kilometers with LATAM Pass

Every time you fly on LATAM Airlines, oneworld and associated airlines, you will earn LATAM Pass KMS in your account.

Do you want to earn more? You can also earn kilometers by staying at hotels, renting cars and using your US Bank LATAM Pass card. Find out how.


Using Your US Bank LATAM Pass Card

Get up to 20,000 bonus miles (32,187 KMS. LATAM Pass) using your LATAM Pass Visa.

People and places stay with you for a lifetime. The LATAM Pass Visa Card puts those extraordinary experiences within reach. Simply use the LATAM Pass Visa Card - from paying bills to dining out to shopping for groceries - and you'll earn miles you can redeem for unforgettable trips via LATAM Airlines and its Affiliated carriers, and oneworld® partner airlines.