Flights on oneworld Airlines

Earn Multiplus Points on flights operated by airlines in the oneworld Alliance. The points are calculated based on the distance you fly, multiplied by a variable percentage depending on the type of service and fare. 

The number of Qualifying points obtained from flights on airlines in the oneworld alliance can be earned only up to 100% of the base rate. Everything that exceeds 100% is considered a cabin bonus and not eligible for qualifying points.

Keep in mind that you can only earn Multiplus Points with the types of services shown below:

*Class O doesn't accumulate Multiplus Points.

We would like to inform you that, starting May 11, 2018, earning Elite bonuses with Multiplus Points on American Airlines flights will change.

New percentages:

  • Gold members: 40%
  • Platinum members: 60%
  • Black members: 80%
  • Black Signature members: 120%

1: Class E accumulation valid from August 1, 2013.

*Subject to changes without prior notice.

If your points on oneworld and associated airlines are not accredited automatically 2 weeks after the date of your flight, you can request them online.