Due to the global situation caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are taking the necessary steps to give you more flexibility. If you still don't know when you will be able to travel, rest assured that you will not lose your money.

What is a Travel Voucher and why do we give it?

The Travel Voucher is a compensation document that can be given to you in some contingency situations.

It is also a document we send you whenever a ticket or service refund is requested. You only need to make the refund request in order to receive a Travel Voucher in 15 days to your email. If your refund request was made after March 29, 2021, the Travel Voucher expiration date will be 12 months from its emission, otherwise it will be until December 31, 2021.


Travel Voucher infografía

How to use your Travel Voucher?

You have the following options:

1. Exchange it for flights operated by LATAM*

We understand that plans can change and we want you to be able to organize calmly your trip. Therefore, you have up to December 31, 2021 to exchange it for flights.

*You can order this service at LATAM.com or calling our Contact Center.

Where do I find the option to use the Travel Voucher when purchasing?

Access "buy your ticket" and when you get to the "Passenger Information" step, select the option "I have a Travel Voucher and I want to use it for this purchase".


Terms and conditions of use

Services redemption
  • Applies only to itineraries with flights sold and operated by LATAM Airlines Group; LATAM Airlines Chile, LATAM Airlines Argentina, LATAM Airlines Perú, LATAM Airlines Colombia, LATAM Airlines Ecuador, LATAM Airlines Brasil and LATAM Airlines Paraguay;
  • In the event that the value of the Travel Voucher is insufficient for payment, the difference may be paid in any of the available means of payment;
  • If the Travel Voucher amount is higher than the value redeemed in services, it is possible to request the difference in a new Travel Voucher for exclusive use with LATAM services which will be valid up to December 31, 2021. If the redemption is made via our Contact Center, it is possible to request the new Travel Voucher on the same call; if done at LATAM.com, it will need to call our Contact Center before the expiration of the original Travel Voucher;
  • Ticket purchases can be made through our Contact Center and in all countries where LATAM stores are located;
  • In the case of redemption of the Travel Voucher for LATAM services, the amount covers the payment of the net fare; payment of fees and taxes must be made with another means of payment.
Bank transfer redemption
  • The amount indicated in the item "Money transfer in local currency" must be redeemed via bank transfer in the local currency of the country in which the request is made;
  • In the case of a different currency, the amount in dollars will be converted into the corresponding amount in local currency, taking into account the exchange rate on the date the redemption is requested.
Involuntary refunds of tickets purchased with a Travel Voucher
  • We’ll refund the entire amount you paid with a Travel Voucher, via new Travel Vouchers for exclusive use with LATAM services, and unused fees and taxes, as well as any additional fees you’ve paid, via Travel Vouchers for use with LATAM services or a bank transfer redemption.
Voluntary refunds for tickets purchased with a Travel Voucher
  • When the refund is allowed: we’ll refund the entire amount you’ve paid with the Travel Voucher via a new Travel Voucher for exclusive use with LATAM services and any additional fees you may have paid, via Travel Vouchers for use with LATAM services or a bank transfer redemption.
       If reimbursement is allowed with a fine payment, the fine will be deducted from the Travel Voucher amount corresponding to the additional payment method. In case of residual fine, it will be deducted from the corresponding Travel Voucher for the amount paid with Travel Voucher.
  • When the refund is not allowed: we’ll only refund the total amount of unused fees and taxes to the original payment method. In the event that they have been paid with a Travel Voucher, the amounts will be refunded in a new Travel Voucher for exclusive use with LATAM services.
       If fees or taxes have been paid via some other means of payment, the refund will be made via a Travel Voucher available for use with LATAM services or for a bank transfer redemption.