Experience something unique by traveling on LATAM. We will always offer you the best service and entertainment that you value the most.

On our flights with individual screens (Airbus 350 and Boeing 767, 777 and 787), you will find a wide selection of movies, TV series (including complete seasons), music, games and more. For travel on airplanes without individual screens (Airbus 319, 320 and 321), don't forget to download the LATAM Entertainment application to access the best selection of TV series, movies and children's programming.

You can also enjoy our VAMOS LATAM magazine which features interesting news and articles that will help you dream about your next trip.

Now there is no need to wait for the airplane to take off. Everything is available from the moment you board the aircraft.


Airplanes with Individual Screens

Our airplanes with individual screens (Airbus 350 and Boeing 767, 777 and 787) offer a wide variety of onboard entertainment that will satisfy all tastes. It has been selected carefully to ensure that you will have a pleasant trip. We have over 100 movies in our library that range from new releases to classic films, a selection of Latin American movies, complete seasons of 5 TV series, episodes of television series with varying genres, games, an extensive music library and special programming for children. We periodically update our onboard entertainment so that we can surprise you with something new for each trip.

Activate Airplane Mode and forget about the "Off" button

You can keep your electronic devices (cell phones, tablets or laptops) turned on as long as “Airplane Mode” is enabled during the entire trip. If you fly on an airplane without an individual screen, once you enable "Airplane Mode," don't forget to enable your wireless connection so that you can connect to "LATAM Entertainment."