Points from Flights

Travel on domestic flights and earn Multiplus points!

Depending on your category you may, in addition to the points system of your fare, receive additional bonus-points.

Find out how the points system works for domestic flights:

On flights within Brazil, qualifying points are calculated according to the price you paid for your ticket.

Multiplus points are calculated in accordance with the amount you paid for your fare*.

You will receive a guaranteed minimum of 500 points.**


For example:

If you are a Black Signature member and you purchase a ticket for a flight going from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, priced at USD$200 (outbound, Flex fare, economy cabin), your Multiplus points will be calculated as follows:

USD$200 (price) x 6 (fare multiplier) = 1.200 points1.200 points (100% Black Signature bonus)
= 2.400 puntos Multiplus points accumulated

* Your Multiplus points will be credited to your account within 7 business days after the date of your flight, and will be valid for 24 months.
The amount paid in taxes will not be considered for earning Multiplus points.
All tickets purchased as of April 30 at 00:01 hours, will be subject to the new points accumulation system.
Promotional fares are not valid for accumulating Multiplus points.
*** Valid only for Gold, Platinum, Black and Black Signature members.


  • Consult the terms and conditions of the LATAM Fidelidade Program.
  • For codeshare flights - where the aircraft is operated by other airline companies - Multiplus points will only be valid if there is a loyalty program agreement held with the partner company.
  • It is not available on some routes for seats in the Business class cabin.
  • These numbers are valid for LATAM Fidelidade program members residing in New Zealand.
  • Price tables are subject to changes without prior notice.

Compare the old percentages of points accumulation

For fares purchased up until April 30, 2016

For domestic flights, the points system may vary according to the conditions of the fare selected. For each of them, a percentage is applied to the minimum amount of points for domestic flights (1,000 points). See below:

Depending on your category, you can accumulate more Multiplus points:

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