Review the most frequently asked questions about how to qualify Elite LATAM Fidelidade categories:

1. What are Elite Points?

They are points that will allow you to qualify for the Black Signature, Black, Platinum, or Gold categories from the LATAM Fidelidade Program. As of January 1, 2017, these points will be different from the Multiplus points, which are the points used to redeem tickets or products. The Elite points are points used to change categories, and you accumulate them every time you fly LATAM or partner airline companies.  

2. How are the Elite Points calculated?  

To calculate your Elite Points, you need to multiply the distance flown by the percentage of the fare selected. 

3. Does this change my category qualification for 2017? 

These changes enter effect as of January 1, 2017. Clients will then begin to accumulate Elite Points, which can be used to renew their category in 2018. 

4. Where can I check the number of Elite Points I’ve accumulated so far and how many are missing to reach a new category? 

From January 1, 2017, after logging in to your LATAM Fidelidade account, you can clearly and distinctly see the Multiplus points accumulated as well as the Elite Points that allow you to qualify for the Elite categories. 

5. If I reserved and paid for my ticket in 2016, but I only fly in 2017, how will my Elite Points be calculated? 

Every calculation is performed according to the rule in effect on the date the ticket was purchased. For tickets purchased in 2016, the rules applied will be those that are in effect during this period. From January 1, 2017 on, the new accumulation and qualification rules will apply. 

6. Do my Elite Points already appear on my statement at the time of the purchase? 

No, your Elite Points are only registered after the trip is taken.  

7. If I cancel the ticket and ask for a refund, do I still get my Elite Points?

No. Elite Points are only considered after the flight is taken. 

8. When are the Elite Points included?

The Elite Points are included in your account at the same time as the LATAM Fidelidade Points of your flight is credited.

9. Will there be any other changes to the rules to qualify for Elite categories? 

No, the rules will remain unchanged throughout 2017.  

10. Will the tickets redeemed with Multiplus points be considered to qualify for the Elite categories?  

No, this remains the same. Tickets redeemed with Multiplus points are not worth Elite Points.