What is an Exchange Password?


An exchange password contains four or five digits and is a security step in addition to the password you use to login to the Multiplus and LATAM sites. You can exchange your points at off– line channels with it, such as the LATAM offices and our Call Center.

To exchange your points for tickets, you'll need to sign up at the Multiplus site. Your phone number must be updated, since you'll receive an authorization code to your phone in order to issue the ticket.

If you haven't registered your exchange password, you can create it on the Multiplus page. Go to www.puntosmultiplus.com.br, login and access Your Account. There's a menu on the left side of the screen. Go to the Passwords icon and request access.


  • Your password is for personal use only. To guarantee the security of your points, don't share your access or exchange password;
  •  Multiplus and LATAM will never ask for your passwords. If you receive any suspicious communications, please contact Multiplus and LATAM.

Go to Multiplus, update your registration information, review your balance and find out how to earn more points for traveling with LATAM.

Go to Multiplus